Low Testosterone and Depression

Low testosterone and depression can be intertwined. Many middle aged men start developing loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and other symptoms of falling testosterone leading to depression. Unlike female menopause, where hormone levels fall suddenly, andropause is a slow decline that speeds up with age leaving many men with symptoms that affect their physical and mental wellbeing.

These symptoms often negatively affect day-to-day life, including overall happiness and relationships with others. Typically, when feeling symptoms of depression, men go to see a doctor, only to be told it is normal for aging men.

The ‘symptoms’ of getting older and reduced testosterone levels can cause depression. But it does not have to be “normal.” You can do something about it by investigating whether it could be your hormones to blame.

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HRT Can Help Symptoms of Depression in Men

In many cases, hormone imbalance is responsible for feelings of depression and a lack of energy.  Doctors do not routinely check hormone levels. Many doctors do, however, routinely prescribe antidepressants; this is merely treating the symptoms and not cause.

Often physical and mental indicators of reduced testosterone levels interlink. For example, suppose your main issue is being overweight. You may experience a loss of self-confidence, which you find stressful – leading to poor sleep and losing libido. A chain reaction of events, which escalate your problems, possibly causing depression.

In the same manner, bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy’s benefits are all interlinked. For example, improved metabolism helps you burn visceral fat, improve cardio health, increase blood flow, and improve mental ability, energy levels, and libido. Typically men will become less stressed due to all the other benefits, decreasing the likelihood of feelings of depression.

Which Hormones Can Reduce Depression?

  • Testosterone: Decreased testosterone levels can affect physical and mental health, particularly low libido, depression, and body composition. BHRT replenishes your testosterone levels, giving you the boost in mood and energy to reduce depression.
  • Estradiol (a form of estrogen): Estradiol is a by-product of testosterone. If you increase testosterone levels, you increase levels of this influential hormone. Many assume estradiol exclusively benefits women; this is far from the truth. Estradiol decreases the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, reduces prostate cancer risk, belly fat, and improves sexual function. Estradiol is the essential hormone for protecting and maintaining brain function.
  • Thyroid: The thyroid gland regulates your metabolism and energy production on a cellular level, so any lack of function can profoundly affect your body. It is responsible for controlling heart, muscle, digestive function, brain development, and bone maintenance. By balancing thyroid hormones, you will regulate your metabolism and reactivate your entire hormone system to perform efficiently.
  • Cortisol: This hormone helps control your body’s blood sugar levels and metabolism, influencing water and salt balance, blood pressure, memory, and the ability to fight infection. Depression and stress cause cortisol levels to increase, reducing testosterone and estradiol levels, negatively impacting your wellbeing on every level. By optimizing hormone balance, your cortisol level will likely fall, enabling your other hormones to perform.

How Can Male Excel Help You?

  • It is still surprising that doctors don’t prescribe BHRT to treat depression more commonly because it is so effective. Many men suffer in silence, trapped in a body they hate, while their hormone issues go unnoticed by mainstream medical care.
  • We feel it is crucial to look at the entire picture. Our treatments address symptomatology and behavior as well as test results and traditional medical practice. Everybody is different, so we treat everybody differently.
  • The phenomenon of “andropause” is a reality, and BHRT can significantly improve physical symptoms such as strength and muscle mass, reducing visceral fat, and stopping insulin resistance. Testosterone can also improve cognitive function, depression, confidence, libido, and sleep. Testosterone therapy can transform a man’s existence by injecting life into their older years and adding years to life!
  • With BHRT, we can restore your hormones back to the levels of your youth. As hormone levels are restored to optimal, the benefits they offer return—your physical appearance changes for the better, along with improved mood and increased feelings of wellbeing.

With Male Excel, life can be good again!