Physician Associate, PA-C, General & Plastic Surgery, Assistant Medical Director

Mr. Eddie Garrido is a senior C-level healthcare executive and strategist with extensive experience in leading high-growth medical service operations. He has successfully driven growth strategies, corporate development, operational integrations, and new business development across four major healthcare sectors: Physician Practice Management, Technology and Services, Wireless Integrations, and HIPAA-encrypted VPN development. As CEO of Tampa Heart, he established a freestanding office-based Ambulatory Surgery Center and a Cardiac Cath-lab.

Currently, Mr. Garrido is the CEO of the Garrido Group, Clearwater Aesthetics, and Plastic Surgery, which has multiple locations throughout Florida. He also leads the Rescue Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to first responders, nurses, and military veterans.

Mr. Garrido regularly reviews international medical products for the U.S. market and has substantial experience in Emergency Medical Services delivery. His leadership is characterized by effective management of mission-critical operations and high-growth technologies, with expertise in statistical programming using WEB 2.0 Software as a Service (SaaS). He has collaborated with firms such as FRG to extract critical data for medical loss ratios in managed care organizations.

Recently, he utilized his international medical operations experience to deploy Sofia, a point-of-care testing device for COVID-19 and provided medical support for critical operations in the Yucatan Peninsula. Mr. Garrido consistently delivers strong and sustainable financial results, overcoming challenges such as customs clearance and the launch of new service lines, while driving seamless acquisition integrations.

Mr. Garrido completed his clinical medical training at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, specializing in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. Before founding Clearwater Aesthetics, he worked at St. Joseph’s Hospital Critical Care units under Bay Care Health Systems. He then led the acquisition of Key West Diagnostics, the only freestanding MRI center in Key West. Prior to medical school, Mr. Garrido served as a firefighter, Paramedic-RN, and a paramedic for the Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

Additionally, Mr. Garrido has a keen interest in treating severe rheumatological disorders. He is currently designing a protocol using stem cells and exosomes to create invisible incisions. He is also an accomplished private pilot and is completing a helicopter endorsement for his pilot’s license.

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