Groupon Customers

Groupon Customers- Please be advised that our Groupon promotion is a one time deal that we have extended to NEW customers only. If you have purchased a second Groupon, it will not be honored. We will extend the promotional price of $9/unit for your second visit but with no additional discounts. If you have purchased with us, in house, one time, we will also honor it for your second visit with us. If you have purchased a second Groupon, we can redeem that voucher and put that amount towards your purchase, but we cannot honor the promotional value a second time. Our regular rate for all Neurotoxins is $11/unit. If you are interested in locking in your Neurotoxin (Botox, Xeomin, Jeuveau) at $8/unit with no restrictions, we do have an annual membership that may be an excellent option for you.