Many of you will be wondering why you would potentially need a procedure such as a scrotum botulinum toxin, often called “scrotox”. It is a botulinum toxin injection that targets the testicles, resulting in a more pleasing aesthetic look for the scrotum as well as making it appear larger than usual. This botox for men’s ball procedure is fairly new in the world of aesthetics, but it has already become very popular in Europe.

The non-surgical testicle botox treatment is pain-free, making it suitable for individuals that do not have a high pain tolerance or are afraid to go under the knife. A general anesthetic will be applied prior to the scrotox procedure, which can be completed quickly in around 10 to 15 minutes. This makes it easy for busy individuals to find some time in the day to get the botox treatment done during lunch or after work. In some cases, it could take longer to complete but your doctor will advise you accordingly.

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Botox can be safely used when injected into humans in very small concentrations and in its highly diluted form. It stops signals from the nerve cells from reaching muscles, causing the latter to stay paralyzed temporarily.

Muscles contract when the nerve cells produce the chemical messenger called acetylcholine right at the spot where the nerve endings join the muscle cells. Acetylcholine then attaches its receptors to the muscle cells, causing them to shorten or contract.

Aging can result in scrotal changes, such as laxity presenting with a low-hanging scrotum. Therefore, aesthetic and functional restorations of the scrotum are important aspects of scrotal rejuvenation. Botox will be injected into the smooth muscles of the scrotum and helps reduce wrinkling and expand scrotum muscle.

However, the introduction of Botox for balls into the human body stops the release of acetylcholine, which meant muscles become paralyzed and cannot contract, making them less stiff. Do not have to worry as after the effect reduces gradually, you may experience your natural sensation as always.

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Although there are practical benefits to scrotox testicles injection such as reducing excessive sweating, similar to how neurotoxins are used to prevent this in the palms as well as underarms, most people get this botulinum toxin treatment to improve the aesthetic of the scrotum. The wrinkles on the testicles will be smoothed out, as well as making them look bigger as mentioned earlier. It can also improve the sex life of individuals choosing to undergo botox treatment.

Moreover, scrotox testicle injection is a well-known treatment for chronic scrotal-pain or inflammation from conditions that affect your scrotum.

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Your scrotum is likely to feel slightly sore and sensitive after the scrotox procedure but this is minor and is likely to be fine the following day. The results of the botulinum toxin treatment are likely to be visible around one week following the session, but this may vary. Patients are advised to refrain from lifting heavy objects of having sex for at least 1 day to avoid any complications.

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Patients may experience some minor side effects such as bruising around the injection site, feeling of tightness in your scrotum or numbness. However, the symptoms will subside as the recovery from a scrotox procedure is very quick.

[fancy_heading title=”EXPECTED DOWNTIME FOR SCROTUM BOTULINUM TOXIN” color=”#0ca6d4″ font_size=”26px”]

The effects of the scrotum injection procedure are fairly long-lasting and are likely to last for about three to four months, although this can also vary from person to person. Your doctor will be on hand to offer advice and guidance during the initial consultation session prior to treatment.

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