Improve Your Cholesterol, Reduce Medications, and More

Our clients have lost fat and retained important lean body mass; lowered cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels; reduced medications; and learned how to keep off the fat they lost with healthy habits for a better lifestyle. We can help you achieve these results, too!

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It is important what we lose when we are dieting. By just counting calories (like most other diets do), we are starving ourselves and losing healthy lean mass that allows us to burn calories so that we do not regain fat. In the book Biomarkers by Evans and Rosenberg, research showed that the most critical bio marker for good health and longevity is high lean body mass and low body fat percentage. Healthy fat percentage for women is 24 to 30% and 15 to 20% for men. With Ideal Protein, you will lose fat, not lean mass, which is important for your health.

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Once the dieter begins the Ideal Protein Protocol, it takes about 3 days for your glycogen stores to be used up and then the body preferentially burns fat for its fuel. Since there are very low carbohydrates provided, lean muscle mass is spared as the diet supplies high quality proteins, resulting in regulated blood sugar levels, no cravings, and inches and pounds lost. You’ll still be able to eat the foods you crave – check out all of the foods Ideal Protein offers.

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The Ideal Protein Protocol is designed for success both in losing weight and keeping it off. Personal coaching each week gives accountability and structure and the diet itself is scientific in origin so that your weight loss is consistent. You have a personal weigh-in with your coach weekly to guide you and educate you about your program and measure your accomplishments. Each week we will weigh, measure, and do a body composition analysis to make sure you are losing fat and maintaining vital lean mass. Seeing your progress in pounds and inches and body fat percentage is encouraging and motivating.

Accountability to ourselves and to others is a key component to success. Each week you will meet with your coach for support, encouragement, tips, and advice about how to stay on track and to make the most of your weight loss program. We are here to help you meet your weight loss goal and will always be here to answer your questions and give you encouragement.

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Once you have met your weight loss goal, we continue to guide and educate you about making healthy dietary choices that will help you maintain your correct body composition. Whatever we lose, it is important that we keep it off. This step is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits, exercise, enough sleep, and relaxation to reduce stress in our lives.

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In addition to the personal coaching you receive each week, the Ideal Protein Protocol includes a one-of-a-kind, complimentary video service called Ideal Coaching TV. Each morning, your inbox will have a new video with information coinciding with where you are in your weight loss process. These videos are viewable on any device – computer, tablet, or phone – and are only 3-minutes in length. All of this coaching is meant to give you the knowledge you need to maintain your new, healthy weight going forward.

We have many other tools to help you along the way:
* IdealSmart App to track meals, steps & weight loss progress
* Private Facebook Dieters Group – to share ideas
* Educational Workshops
* Fun Challenges and Events
* Nutritional Supplements

[accordion accordion_style=”accordion-style2″ accordion=”%5B%7B%22accordion_item%22%3A%22How%20does%20Ideal%20Protein%20diet%20work%3F%22%2C%22accordion_description%22%3A%22The%20four%20phases%20of%20the%20Ideal%20Protein%20Protocol%20are%20designed%20to%20help%20you%20set%2C%20achieve%20and%20maintain%20your%20weight%20loss%20goals.%20During%20the%20weight%20loss%20phases%20of%20the%20Protocol%2C%20we%20limit%20carbohydrate%20intake%20to%20encourage%20the%20body%20to%20turn%20to%20its%20fat%20stores%20for%20energy.%20By%20eating%20Ideal%20Protein%20foods%2C%20the%20Protocol%20helps%20to%20sustain%20muscle%20mass%20while%20teaching%20you%20how%20to%20develop%20smarter%20eating%20habits%20and%20lifestyle%20choices%2C%20to%20help%20maintain%20your%20weight%20after%20weight%20loss%20is%20achieved.%22%7D%2C%7B%22accordion_item%22%3A%22What%20is%20the%20cost%20of%20Ideal%20Protein%3F%22%2C%22accordion_description%22%3A%22In%20North%20America%2C%20the%20Ideal%20Protein%20Protocol%20cost%20on%20average%20about%20%2415%20a%20day%2C%20which%20includes%20the%20cost%20of%20the%20foods%2C%20and%20the%20supplements.%20We%20encourage%20you%20to%20think%20of%20the%20cost%20of%20the%20Protocol%20as%20part%20of%20your%20grocery%20bill.%20Redirecting%20average%20food%20expenses%20to%20different%2C%20healthier%20options%20often%20results%20in%20the%20Protocol%20being%20neutral%20in%20cost.%20Consultation%20fees%20vary%20from%20one%20location%20to%20another%2C%20depending%20on%20the%20additional%20services%20they%20offer%2C%20so%20feel%20free%20to%20visit%20many%20locations%20around%20your%20area.%20For%20more%20information%2C%20watch%20this%20video%20that%20addresses%20the%20value%20of%20Ideal%20Protein.%22%7D%2C%7B%22accordion_item%22%3A%22What%20kind%20of%20protein%20is%20used%20in%20Ideal%20Protein%20products%3F%22%2C%22accordion_description%22%3A%22These%20are%20high%20biological%20value%20proteins%20and%20employ%20six%20different%20proteins%2C%20varying%20from%20products%20to%20products%3A%20whey%20isolates%2C%20soy%20isolates%2C%20milk%20protein%2C%20pea%20protein%2C%20albumin%2C%20and%20hydrolyzed%20collagen.%20This%20gives%20many%20options%20and%20is%20designed%20for%20people%20with%20sensitivities%20to%20dairy%2C%20soy%20or%20vegetarians%2C%20allowing%20them%20to%20participate%20in%20the%20Protocol.%22%7D%5D”]
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